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Since its establishment, ULDUZTAXI LLC has been guided by the control of a fully-fledged, fully reliable, safe and secure operational transportation service. The highest world standards are selected as the target when organizing the service.
Taxi service in Azerbaijan is the most popular type of public energy after buses and subways. Taxis, which are one of the fastest types of transportation, lag behind air and sea energy in terms of demand. The number of taxi users is growing dynamically. To this end, we are taking high-level service measures with the constant expansion and renewal of our park, special training and improvement programs for our construction.
At present, our company operates 280 private, 8,200 contract cars. We have a large taxi park and repair station to eliminate technical problems of our cars, to control their internal and external appearance.



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Rules of ethical conduct for taxi drivers during special training, including cultural treatment of passengers, rudeness in communication, the inadmissibility of smoking and eating in a taxi, as well as politeness, the need to inform the relevant authorities about forgotten items, as well as professionalism and responsibility, communication with passengers provides information on psychology and ways to overcome conflict situations.
Drivers of our company’s cars undergo regular medical examinations. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, cars belonging to our company are inspected before the flight, and at least twice during the calendar month. Technical inspection and service measures are carried out at our company’s own repair station. The modern software used by our call center does not allow any request to go unanswered and every order to go unfulfilled. The process of accepting an order and appointing a driver takes only 3-5 seconds. The driver’s movement is observed along the entire route.
Sites with large customer flows, such as BEGOC, International Bank, Khazar TV, Lider TV, Lalafo and Tapaz, Hyatt Regency, and many large hotels are among our corporate clients. High-level modern taxi software is used to provide prompt and accurate service to our customers. The software allows many different companies to run at the same time.



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